Terms of Service

Welcome to TSF Computers! We're thrilled to provide you with our Computer Service and Web Hosting offerings. By engaging with our services, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:


Computer Service Terms:


At TSF Computers, we prioritize the security and integrity of your data. While we take extensive measures to protect your information, we cannot guarantee against data loss. We recommend backing up critical data before availing our services.

Fee for Repair Attempts:
Certain repairs, such as motherboard repairs or data recovery, may incur a repair attempt fee if unsuccessful. This fee compensates for the time spent on your device.

Shipping Regulations:
We follow your shipping instructions diligently; however, we are not liable for any damages during transit if insurance is not requested. Devices sent without original packaging are at a higher risk of damage during delivery.

Time to Estimate and Repair:
While we strive for prompt repairs, various factors may influence repair times. We endeavor to service devices in the order received, providing estimates based on prior experience.

Procedure for Obtaining Replacement Parts:
Before purchasing replacement parts, we'll inform you of the necessity, associated costs, and arrival estimates. A non-refundable payment may be required for parts ordered. Components not supplied by TSF Computers are not covered by our warranty.

Repairs under Warranty:
We offer a 60-day warranty on repairs. If issues arise within this period, we'll rectify them at no additional cost, provided they relate to the initial service.

Exclusions from the Warranty:
Certain exclusions apply to our warranty, including service with non-TSF Computers components and software-related issues.

Web Hosting Service Terms:

Data Loss and Backups:
We are not liable for data loss due to server failures. Customers are responsible for backing up their website data. JetBackup is available for convenient backups.


Content Restrictions:
Our servers do not host adult content. Server abuse, unauthorized file storage, or copyrighted material is prohibited.

Uptime Guarantee:
While we strive for 100% uptime, external factors may affect server availability. We promise to minimize downtime due to maintenance or unforeseen circumstances.

Refund Policy:
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for hosting services, excluding payment fees.

Account Termination:
Failure to adhere to our terms may result in account termination, with no refund provided.

Payment Terms:
Late payments incur interest, and accounts unpaid for three days will be deleted.

Usage Limits:
Maximum email sending limits and usage restrictions apply to ensure fair usage and optimal server performance.

Third-Party Support:
We provide hosting services only and do not offer support for third-party programs like WordPress. Please contact the respective providers for assistance.

Customers must comply with our terms regarding copyrighted material and prohibited content.

Backup Policy:
JetBackup is used for website backups to optimize server space. Multiple unmanaged backups are not permitted.

By availing our services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you for choosing TSF Computers!


Web Design Terms:

This Terms of Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between TSF Computers ("Company") and the client ("Client") for the provision of web design services and related hosting services. By engaging in services provided by TSF Computers, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

1. Services Provided

TSF Computers agrees to provide web design services, including but not limited to website development, hosting, emails, and online backups, as outlined in the agreed-upon package.

2. Payment

Upon acceptance of the contract, the Client agrees to pay a down payment of 50% of the total project cost. The remaining balance shall be paid upon completion of the project but before the website is made live. Failure to make timely payments may result in suspension or termination of services by TSF Computers.

3. Hosting

The Client agrees to host their website through TSF Computers. TSF Computers reserves the right to suspend or shut down the website in the event of non-payment by the Client.

4. Client Access

The Client shall have full access to their website files through TSF Computers' control panel. The Client acknowledges that TSF Computers is not responsible for any user errors, including but not limited to file deletion or changes made within the control panel.

5. Data Backup

All design packages include hosting, emails, and online backups. TSF Computers is not responsible for any data loss resulting from the Client's actions, including but not limited to accidental deletion or server failure. The Client acknowledges that access to the control panel allows them to create their own backups when needed.

6. Contact Information

For inquiries, support, or to report issues related to services provided by TSF Computers, the Client may contact us at:

Phone: 762-207-8636 Email: [email protected]

7. Modification of Terms

TSF Computers reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of any modifications to the terms.

By engaging in services provided by TSF Computers, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.