Computer Service Terms:

TSFComputers makes no assurances about the security or safety of your information. While we take every measure to ensure that the integrity of your data is not compromised, TSFComputers cannot be held liable for any data lost as a consequence of our services.

If we are aware that a process may result in data loss, we will tell you of the likelihood, the data that may be impacted, and the cost of backing up your data. We cannot, however, anticipate what will happen to your data in every case owing to the complicated nature of technological equipment. Before you send off or ship in your device for servicing, we highly advise you to back up any critical data and documents.

Fee for Repair Attempts
Most devices that need motherboard repairs, data recovery, or have had previous repair efforts are subject to a repair attempt cost. If the repair is unsuccessful, data recovery is not feasible, or the device was previously worked on before it arrived at our store, a repair attempt fee of $40-$100 will be levied to reimburse the time spent working on your device.

Shipping Regulations
We will send your things according to the shipping instructions you specify when filling out your mail-in form. Any shipping damages are completely the responsibility of the client if insurance is not requested, and TSFComputers Fix bears no responsible in the event of damages during delivery. Furthermore, devices that are not transported in their original packaging are more likely to be damaged during delivery; if you send us your item in a generic box, we will return it to you in a generic box at your risk. If you're supplying your own mailing label, be sure to add insurance if you want it; we can't give insurance for labels that have already been ordered.

Time to Estimate and Repair
We take pleasure in the speed with which we do repairs, however many of the elements that influence the time of your repair are outside our control. As a result, we will make every effort to service your device as quickly as possible and in the order in which it was received. Many of our repairs take between 1 and 48 hours to complete, however we cannot promise how long the procedure will take. Any references to service timings on our website or in promotional materials are our best estimates based on prior experience and are not intended to represent a precise time frame or give any service time guarantees.

Procedure for Obtaining Replacement Parts
If a service needs components, we will call you and notify you of the necessity before purchasing any parts. We'll go through the component you'll need, why it's required, any related expenses, and an estimate for when it'll arrive. Our estimate is a best guess and is not meant to ensure delivery by a certain time due to shipping delays being beyond our control. A non-refundable payment of 50% of the cost of the requested components will be needed if you want to keep your device until the parts arrive. TSFComputers does not often utilize components that were not acquired by TSFComputers. This is because we are unable to verify that the components are functioning and will fit your device properly. Any replacement components not supplied by TSFComputers are not covered by any warranty or guarantee, unless the part manufacturer provides one. By supplying your own components, you accept and agree that any work we do is not covered by the TSFComputersLimited Shop Warranty or any other express or implied warranty or promise. You also agree to hold us harmless if your equipment is damaged due to defective components or other incompatibilities.

Repairs under Warranty
If your equipment malfunctions or fails within 60 days of when you acquired it, we will fix it again at no additional charge to you. The problem has to do with the initial work order. If the problem is unconnected, you will be informed of the repair cost before we proceed with the work. Before we perform the repair again to verify the legitimacy of the claim, no refunds are given. If we are unable to repair your equipment, we will provide a refund less the repair attempt cost and return freight. For additional information, see the repair attempt charge portion of our conditions. If your device is eligible for warranty repair, you are responsible for bringing it back to us, and we will reimburse the return shipping costs.

Exclusions from the Warranty

We make no express or implied warranties or assurances about any of the following:

  • Any service that uses components that were not bought from TSFComputers

  • Any software difficulties, such as virus eradication, should be addressed immediately. Installation of the operating system

  • Within the 60-day guarantee period, new symptoms/issues not directly related to the initial service

  • The TSFComputers guarantee is invalid if new hardware is installed or existing hardware is modified within the 60-day guarantee term.

Web Hosting Service Terms:

  • TSF Computers is not liable for any data loss that occurs as result of server failure. You (the customer) are responsible for ensuring that your site is backed up.

    • JetBackup is available to all of our clients at no cost. What does this mean to you? Well, this means you can now access backups at your fingertips, on demand. At any time of your desire, you can now view your available backups within cPanel, and choose to either Download it to your computer, or to Restore the backup from the given backup snapshot. Within JetBackup, we are holding 3 retentions (up to the most recent 3 backup days). It’s like having a Time Machine, but for your website!

  • There will be NO adult content on our servers. Adult content servers require a license to operate and we here at TSF Computers do not provide that.

  • We strive to keep our servers up 100% of the time, but due to issue that are out of our hand, we cannot guarantee 100% up-time. With that said we do promise to keep it up on our end as much as possible, but weather, server failure, or maintenance is inevitable.

  • TSF Computers does offer a 7 Day full money back guarantee excluding payment fees! If you are not happy with the service within 7 days you can request for a refund, no questions asked. This does qualify on Re-seller Packages. Reseller, Master, Alpha accounts do qualify for the 7-day money back guarantee.

  • Server abuse such as Nulled scripts, resource abuse or anything else that can hinder the performance of our servers is forbidden! Doing so will result in account terminations with no refund!

  • TSF Computers is not a file storage site. Hosting is intended for website and websites only. You cannot make a full backup of your computer and save it on our servers.

    • Own Cloud although available to install, is not allowed. This is a 3rd party cloud backup script.

    • File Share sites are not allowed

  • Payment is required on the date due, after that there is a 0.09% interest for late payment daily.

  • If an account is not paid for after 3 days, the account will be deleted along with all it’s data.

  • Maximum 200 emails sent daily.

  • TSF Computer only host your site. If you are having issues with WordPress or any other third-party programs, please contact them for support.

  • Any copyrighted material (movies, television shows, or software, for example) is not permitted. If this is discovered, you will be notified and given 12 hours to delete it. Failure to do so will result in the termination of your account.

  • JetBackup is used to back up your website. This prevents valuable server space from being used up by your own backups. Multiple backups of your site that are not managed by JetBackup are not permitted.