Effortless Repair from the Comfort of Your Home

Remote Support

At TSF Computers, we revolutionize the way you solve your computer problems. Located in Columbus, Georgia, we specialize in offering top-notch remote support services for your computer repair needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of physical repairs and welcome a new era of convenience.

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Virus Removal

Secure and efficient virus removal service to keep your computer safe without leaving home.

Software Troubleshooting

Expert remote troubleshooting to resolve all your software issues promptly.


Performance Optimization

Optimize your computer's performance remotely for a faster, more reliable experience.

Want us to pick up your system?

We offer free pickup for computers that cannot be repaired remotely.

About TSF Computers

Since its establishment in 2015, TSFComputers has operated as a thriving home business, specializing in computer services. Over the years, they have serviced hundreds of computers, catering to the needs of their local community with expert care and dedication, establishing themselves as a trusted name in the industry. Through their commitment to quality and personalized service, TSFComputers has cultivated strong relationships with their customers, ensuring satisfaction and reliability in every interaction.

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Remote Support is a pioneer in providing remote computer repair services in Columbus, Georgia. We understand the inconvenience and time wasted in traditional computer repair methods. That's why we've dedicated our business to offering a hassle-free alternative.