Need us to come on-site? No Problem! We will come to your place and fix your PC problems, configure your wireless network plus many other high-tech services!

We will pick up your computer from your home or public location.

Setup your residential wireless network.

Combine the System Maintenance and System Tune-Up for total computer rejuvenation and save.

Re-install your Windows® Operating System.

Find out what’s wrong with your PC. We will work hard to diagnose the problem, and if we are not able to fix the problem there is only a $35 diagnostics fee.

*Diagnostic fee only apply if 15 minutes of work has been done.

Computer running slow? Let us tune it up and make it run like new again!

Remove Viruses and Spyware off of your PC.

Don’t throw your old unit in the dumpster. Be Green! Let us responsibly dispose of it for FREE!

We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to IT services at home as well as at your business.

Have your computer fixed without leaving your home. If we cannot fix it, you do not have to pay.

*Must have high speed internet.

 On-Site $75/hour

 Pickup - $65/plus parts

 Remote - $35/hour

DC Jack Replacement!

Screen Replacement!

Hard Drive Replacement!

Please contact me with any questions.

(706) 341-1376

For web hosting questions please contact us through email, chat, or open a ticket. Thanks.