Automatically remembers your passwords

Each time you enter a new password into a website, RoboForm saves it.

One click Logins

No more typing usernames and passwords. RoboForm logs you in to websites with a single click.

Generate strong passwords

Use our random password generator to create a strong and unique password for every site.

Keep your passwords organized

Our users often have hundreds or even thousands of passwords stored in RoboForm. Folders and powerful search functionality make organizing them a cinch.

Strong security

To protect against dictionary, brute force, or other attacks, we use AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, 4096 iterations. We also require a minimum Master Password length of 8 characters, with a minimum of 4 nonnumeric characters.

Audit your passwords *new in version 8*

How strong are your passwords? Do you use the same password on more than one site? Use our Security Center to see how you score.

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