Do You Have Password Fatigue?

Do you have a bad case of password fatigue?

You’re not the only one who feels this way! The majority of people use the same password for everything, including banking, at home, work, Gmail, and Facebook. Password weariness is a genuine phenomenon, given how many passwords we’re expected to remember and use on a regular basis. It’s no surprise that when another password question occurs, people type in easy-to-guess combinations like ‘abcd’ or ‘password.’

The problem is that, even if your password is putting forth the necessary effort, hackers are scouring the internet on a regular basis, collecting logins and passwords from either leaked information or websites with security holes.

Then they’ll try their luck elsewhere with that login/password combination. They know that more than half of all internet users have only one password and email address, so the chances of someone acquiring access to your accounts are pretty significant. Even the most well-known names in technology are vulnerable to data breaches:

A total of 360 million MySpace emails and passwords were exposed. LinkedIn account information for 117 million people was leaked.

Is your password the same as it is elsewhere? It’s time for the domino effect to begin! One one breach leads to another until the hackers have exhausted their options. Using a different password for each site is the only method to break the chain reaction.

How to Make Passwords That Are Easy to Remember

Have a method or template in place for setting your own unique passwords that you’ll remember but that hackers won’t be able to guess. Consider the following scenario: <character> <word><something about the site> <numbers> <character> Becomes !K1ttyFB75!

It may appear sophisticated, but everything above is simply based on the phrases ‘kitty’ and ‘FB’ for Facebook. For other sites, change the FB to something else.

What Should You Do If Your Password Is Hacked?

Enter your email address into a site like to determine whether any of your accounts have been compromised. If it detects a breach, you must change all of your passwords right away. Create a new set using the sample system above. Consider using a safe password manager like Roboform if you’re having trouble remembering your passwords. (