How to tell if your computer is damaged by water

We are frequently asked, “Can you detect water damage on a laptop?” Yes, we will find symptoms of corrosion when we disassemble the laptop. Sadly, water damage almost invariably leaves computers inoperable, although there is occasionally hope…

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a laptop is water damage. If your computer gets exposed to water, there are a few things you may try to do to repair it, but the best course of action is typically to take it to a specialist. However, if you are wondering as to whether or not your computer has been harmed by water, you can look for certain symptoms.
Knowing what symptoms to look for might aid in identifying water damage in electronic gadgets. If you are there when your computer is exposed to liquids, immediately unplug it. Wet components can cause problems with your motherboard, hard drives, and more by short-circuiting.
Still, you may not instantly identify water damage as the cause. You may inhabit a region with excessive humidity. Or perhaps a family member spilled drinks on your laptop while you were watching Netflix. Then you should search for evidence of dampness within your computer.


Indications You Can Observe Yourself

If water enters your keyboard, the keys and trackpad may cease operating. A few water droplets can cause the keyboard or trackpad to behave abnormally to your touch.
You may also encounter display difficulties. This depends on the liquid’s point of entry into the laptop. Watch out for:
  • not displaying images correctly;
  • pixel discoloration;
  • A display that will not activate.
These are rather obvious indicators that you need assistance. There may also be discoloration on the exterior of the computer. White or green residue is a negative sign.
Another alarming sign? The PC will not start at all. This indicates that internal components are damaged, and action is required.


Signs That Service Centers Can Observe

The majority of individuals should not be able to access computers on their own. Even if you suspect water damage, it is safer to take the computer to a skilled professional. This manner, you won’t cause additional damage while attempting to identify the problem.
In a computer repair business, the technician will inspect your motherboard and connectors for corrosion. They will search for the white or green residue you hoped would not be visible on the exterior.
Another indication? The water damage indication indicates exposure to liquids or water. The indicator is a little device that manufacturers employ to reject warranty coverage (despite the consumer’s protests that the laptop has never been exposed to water). Common on high-end devices like Apple laptops.


What to Do If Your Computer Gets Wet

Unplug it. Get help. The sooner you bring a water-damaged computer in for repair, the greater the likelihood that we can either fix it or at least recover your data!