How to Avoid Laptop Screen Hinges Breaking

Your laptop’s screen hinges are one of the most sensitive components. We notice a great deal of broken ones. Others are entirely damaged, exposing connections and leaving the laptop screen useless without additional support. Here are some pointers on how to avoid that.

Laptop hinges commonly fail with time, particularly if you are not cautious while handling the laptop, move it frequently, or share it with children or teens. You attempt to unlock the screen one day and hear a cracking sound… What happens now?
To begin, STOP! Make no effort to unlock your screen. There are several small cables wrapped around the hinges of your Laptop screen assembly. These sensitive wires are prone to being pulled apart, increasing the expense of repair.
This might be the difference between a straightforward repair and the need to purchase new components. Repetitive screen opening might cause damage to the screen hinges or even more. Additionally, it might result in the propagation of fractures through the top cover and potentially the LCD screen. Large sums of money!
Prevention is critical!
Following are some suggestions for avoiding damage to your laptop’s screen hinges.
  1. Open the screen using both hands, particularly on bigger computers. If you must open the screen with one hand, position it in the center of the screen to distribute the pressure evenly. When you open the screen from the corner, you cause the display assembly and hinges to bend in ways they were not designed to. The hinges on more costly and high-end business laptops are often robust, however the hinges on lower consumer-grade plastic laptops are not as robust and may break even within the warranty period.
  2. Protect your laptop by keeping it away from areas where it can fall, such as the edge of your desk. The majority of hinge and screen damage is caused by drops — an entirely preventable hazard!
  3. If you often carry your laptop, invest in a protective cover. Even a low-cost silicon one will keep it from sliding from your grasp. More pricier cases include cushioning to protect the laptop if it falls to the floor.
Restoring Damaged Hinges
What if it’s already too late and your hinge has been damaged? Generally, they can be repaired, however this depends on the laptop model and availability of replacement components.
If your laptop’s hinges begin to feel loose but have not yet broken, consider yourself fortunate. Typically, all that is required is some epoxy glue to secure the metal hinges to the plastic body.

If the bottom or top casing of your laptop is shattered, the repair will be far more costly, since these components will need to be replaced. For the majority of computers over five years old, it’s almost hard to obtain components of acceptable quality.
If such components are unavailable, the only option for repairing the hinges is to reinforce the cover with additional metal plates and screws. This may seem quite industrial, but it works!

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