Jun 27th TSF Computer / MidlandHost Gets Jetbackup For cPanel

How TSF Computers Automatic Backup Works TSF Computers maintains two backups of your full cPanel account – one daily, and one weekly. This backup contains everything. Files, databases, DNS entries, e-mails, cron jobs – everything. The only difference between the daily and weekly backups is the e-mail folder and compression. With Jetbackup, ... Read More »

Jun 20th Let’s Encrypt is now available on TSF Computers Hosting!

We are happy to say that Let’s Encrypt certificates are now available at TSF Computers Hosting!  Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA) that issues domain-validated security certificates. The main goal of the project, which TSF Computers proudly sponsors, is to make encryption ubiquitous on the web so that ... Read More »