All About TSF Computers

Hello, my name is Bailey Shelhorse and I am the Owner and Operator of TSF Computers.

I have worked in the computer field for a little over seven years, but have always loved working on them. I work Full Time in the IT field and TSF Computers part of my time, I have my hours of operation listed on the "Location & Hours" page but am available as well via email.

I have a wonderful family, my wife Emma and I have been married almost three years, and our daughter Hadley, is two and a half. My main reasoning for offering my computer repair services, besides thoroughly enjoying it, is to help save a little extra for our daughter. We have another branch of TSF, called TSF Designs ( which my wife runs from home, it is a Custom vinyl decal, heat press design, and wood sign business; she too saves for our daughter, we do all of this for her.

So when your computer needs repaired, a program installed, or a vinyl decal sold, you are not supporting a huge fortune 500 company, but a small business ran by a Dad & Mom team who do it all for their daughter. Thank you for considering TSF Computers!

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